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British Forces Fitness bootcamp classes inspire everyday people. If you want to lose weight, improve your fitness or find an exciting way of working out try a free class. Because by avoiding boring, ineffective fitness regimes and improving your fitness in a fun and motivating community you’ll get results that last. 


All our instructors have served in the Armed Forces and are extremely experienced. They are highly qualified in delivering military fitness in a enjoyable and sociable format. As a result, this makes our experience unique and true to the military ethos. Work hard, play hard.

We use the latest military style fitness training techniques to motivate and inspire you to achieve results. Every class is unique and different, infused with authentic kit and equipment, bodyweight exercises and military programming techniques.


We won’t shout and scream at you although we may encourage loudly. The military ethos is to do your best so that’s all we expect at British Forces Fitness. Work hard, put the effort in and we’ll be there to positively encourage you along with the way with plenty of military style banter. All of this combined is a recipe for success and great fitness results.

Never tried a bootcamp class before? Don’t worry, we have over 30 years experience delivering military style fitness workouts to people of all fitness levels.

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Find your nearest location and class timings then get your free complimentary class.

After your initial taster session, we have various options including Pay As You Go or No Commitment rolling memberships.

We are currently looking at expansion plans for Spring 2019.

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In Spring and Summer 2019, we will be expanding British Forces Fitness.

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