British Forces Fitness classes in Tamworth take place in Castle Grounds and Wigginton Park. These parks are also suitable for those looking for fitness classes nearby. If you live in Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Kingsbury, Warton, Polesworth, Twycross and Measham we are within a 15 minute drive time. 

Use the links below to checkout the exact locations and timetables at each park and find a time that suits you. 



Due to a demand for outdoor exercise classes near Tamworth, British Forces Fitness offer two locations. This means that for anyone looking for fitness near Lichfield or exercise classes in Kingsbury you can still join us! We are within approximately 15 minutes of Meacham, Twycross and Sutton Coldfield too. 

Once you’re a member of British Forces Fitness you can switch between either of our two locations. As well as the different routes and exercises in each class, the change of scene will also add additional variety to your outdoor workouts with BFF. Couple this with changing members and instructors at each boot camp class, we can guarantee that no two classes are the same! 

To ensure you meet all the local members, regardless of venue, we ensure there is a big social element to our classes too. There are regular socials organised across all the BFF locations. These include coffee mornings after early classes, or a quick round in the pub afterwards. We also organise quizzes, external team races and much more. BFF is a great way to meet you new BFF!